Councillor Role

In 2008 Fiona ran for re-election on her own ticket- Team H. She was successful in being re-elected and only 100 votes short of her second candidate Gerald Power being elected also. If she had of been successful with the second candidate Orange Council would have had its first Aboriginal Councillor.

Items of particular interest to Fiona at this time would be the water issue in Orange. She has been active in working towards a way for future water sustainability. Evidence of the work done to date can be viewed on the Council web site- Water Project

Fiona also enjoys the role she plays in the numerous areas relating to the major portfolio in which she holds- Community Services. Given her background as a Registered Nurse, previous Councillor, Justice of the Peace, involvement in local community projects and various fundraising activities Fiona believes she is well suited to this role. In particular she is approachable, empathic, professional, understanding and seeks out the various needs of her community. Projects Fiona has been involved in through Council are:

* Water strategy for the future 2050
* Storm Water Harvesting scheme
* Planning and development of the New PCYC centre in Orange
* Spring Street Bridge
* Children's Memorial Garden
* Expansion of the Skate park
* Advocate for Icely and Ophir road users linking to Northern Distributor
* Youth Conference Orange
* Australian Rural Leadership Course- Vision Task needs assessment for families.
* Crime Prevention CCTV cameras
* Christmas Festival
* Chamber of Commerce representative for Council
* Disability services
* Mount Canobolas as a Tourist area
* Dragon Boats Orange

In 2004 Fiona was first elected as a Councillor with Orange City Council. After a busy time with election and campaigning against 77 other possible candidates. Fiona became the third female Councillor at Orange. Fiona is an extremely active Council member and some of the projects that she has driven or been involved in are:

  • Designing and building two BMX Tracks in Orange after establishing a partnership with organisations to provide funding in support (competitive and recreational)
  • Lobbying and building a recreational play area for children at Glenroi
  • Working with the community and other Councillors to have an Aboriginal Flag flown at the Council Chambers
  • Working with a committee and Youth to establish "Not just another CafĂ©" (NJAC)
  • Set up a Pilot Project with Police, Public School and Council to provide bikes and helmets so that bike riding could become part of the sport curriculum at no cost to students.
  • Lobbied for changes in phone directory, reduced speed on distributor road, better meeting times, shared space, and much more.
  • Been an active member in the Community Plan 2020 for Orange
  • Amongst many other things... Visit this site monthly to stay updated on what Fiona has been involved in with Council.

Fiona's objectives on council

Council Objectives (PDF File)

Orange Councillor and Candidate 2008 Election
Please find in this document the completed profile with full policy information and many other extras added in.

You Tube- Orange Electorate Fiona Rossiter Team H

Visit this new website Australian Family Matters

Thursday, August 28, 2008

NSW Rape Crisis Centre-Working Against Sexual Violence

NSW Rape Crisis Centre responded to 6,695 requests for help in the 2006/07 financial year. This is a 55% increase when compared with two years ago.

When someone says they have been sexually assaulted, the first response is critical to their recovery and decisions about what to do next.

A response which is compassionate, non blaming and supportive will help the person feel better. It will give them confidence to make contact with sexual assault services and consider reporting to Police.

Where the response is disbelieving, judgemental or uncaring the person will often decide to not speak about 'it' again. For some this will result in developing chronic sexual assault trauma.

Myths and Realities

There are two reasons for sexual assault myths to exist. The first is to excuse the perpetrator for their actions, and the second is to blame the victim. While we continue to accept these myths, sexual assault will continue to happen.

It could never happen to me
Anyone can be raped
Rape is about uncontrolled lust.
Rape is a violent assault
Women ask for it by the way they dress and behave.
If you have money in your pocket does that mean you want to be robbed?
Rape is committed in dark alleys by strangers.
Most victims know their attackers
A rapist is easy to spot
Rapists look perfectly normal
If a person has had sex with the man before it's not rape if it happens again.
Forced sex is rape.
A husband cannot rape his wife.
'I do' is not consent forever. Rape in marriage is a crime.
Women lie about rape to get compensation.
Some lawyers will try anything to protect their clients.
Men don't get raped
Yes they do.

How NSW Rape Crisis Centre can help? You can refer any person who has been impacted by sexual violence to these people. Their contact phone number is 1800 424017 or visit the website at

The Centre's website also has a number of fact sheets on sexual assault and other information about the Law and Criminal Justice Process, Prevention and the work of NSW Rape Crisis Centre.

All information provided for you in this post was obtained during a recent education session I attended in Orange recently. Statistical information came from the brochures provided.

If you need further information on the courses or in seeking help with a rape related issue then please do not hesitate to contact the NSW Rape Crisis Centre help line. It is manned 24/7 with a councillor the phone number is 1800 424017

Services in the Orange Area are

Orange Sexual Assault Service 02 6393 3300

Orange Police 02 6361 5499

Orange Base Hospital 02 6393 3000

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