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In 2008 Fiona ran for re-election on her own ticket- Team H. She was successful in being re-elected and only 100 votes short of her second candidate Gerald Power being elected also. If she had of been successful with the second candidate Orange Council would have had its first Aboriginal Councillor.

Items of particular interest to Fiona at this time would be the water issue in Orange. She has been active in working towards a way for future water sustainability. Evidence of the work done to date can be viewed on the Council web site- Water Project

Fiona also enjoys the role she plays in the numerous areas relating to the major portfolio in which she holds- Community Services. Given her background as a Registered Nurse, previous Councillor, Justice of the Peace, involvement in local community projects and various fundraising activities Fiona believes she is well suited to this role. In particular she is approachable, empathic, professional, understanding and seeks out the various needs of her community. Projects Fiona has been involved in through Council are:

* Water strategy for the future 2050
* Storm Water Harvesting scheme
* Planning and development of the New PCYC centre in Orange
* Spring Street Bridge
* Children's Memorial Garden
* Expansion of the Skate park
* Advocate for Icely and Ophir road users linking to Northern Distributor
* Youth Conference Orange
* Australian Rural Leadership Course- Vision Task needs assessment for families.
* Crime Prevention CCTV cameras
* Christmas Festival
* Chamber of Commerce representative for Council
* Disability services
* Mount Canobolas as a Tourist area
* Dragon Boats Orange

In 2004 Fiona was first elected as a Councillor with Orange City Council. After a busy time with election and campaigning against 77 other possible candidates. Fiona became the third female Councillor at Orange. Fiona is an extremely active Council member and some of the projects that she has driven or been involved in are:

  • Designing and building two BMX Tracks in Orange after establishing a partnership with organisations to provide funding in support (competitive and recreational)
  • Lobbying and building a recreational play area for children at Glenroi
  • Working with the community and other Councillors to have an Aboriginal Flag flown at the Council Chambers
  • Working with a committee and Youth to establish "Not just another CafĂ©" (NJAC)
  • Set up a Pilot Project with Police, Public School and Council to provide bikes and helmets so that bike riding could become part of the sport curriculum at no cost to students.
  • Lobbied for changes in phone directory, reduced speed on distributor road, better meeting times, shared space, and much more.
  • Been an active member in the Community Plan 2020 for Orange
  • Amongst many other things... Visit this site monthly to stay updated on what Fiona has been involved in with Council.

Fiona's objectives on council

Council Objectives (PDF File)

Orange Councillor and Candidate 2008 Election
Please find in this document the completed profile with full policy information and many other extras added in.

You Tube- Orange Electorate Fiona Rossiter Team H

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Monday, July 28, 2008

Climate Change-Action for Everyone

I spent a day through at Cowra Japanese Garden's having a strategic look at how climate change affects council operations. There were several clear messages coming through and they were that Councils are becoming more liable in claims relating to climate change. That there needs to be a better understanding of the Climate Change Policy and the Carbon permit scheme. There is no longer a Carbon Credit scheme future market in the Emission Trading Regime relating to understanding your footprint and having available permits to off set your Carbon Footprint.
There was plenty to learn and understand and it was a beneficial conference for me to attend. I have a fair understanding of Climate Change but I believe firmly that you can never know enough. It concerned me that Councils are becoming more accountable with regards to the changes occurring from the green house effect.
There was the suggestion also that the 1 in 100 flood plan needs to be reviewed with statistics showing that it could be more a 1 in 17 years flood.
We learnt about the impacts on health an area which I understood fully working in my professional role as a nurse. The implications of population displacement, extreme weather, injury and trauma, mental health, temperature related deaths and increased air pollution causing respiratory problems. We need to be active in encouraging healthy environments and this can be as simple as educating people on hydration in extreme heat conditions. Implementing a stay cool strategy for outdoor employees and stay cool programmes are all relevant in the future of all Australians. Tackling obesity and reduce greenhouse emissions by encouraging and making available bike and walking paths, I believe our Council has been a true advocate in.
There was also a great deal of emphasis on reducing CO2 by ceasing organic waste being placed into land fill. Apparently it doubles up the CO2. An anaerobic composting area was identified as a place where organic waste should go.
There were the key themes relating to reducing gases (mitigation) and climate change (adaptation). I left this conference with a strategy to review our (Orange City Councils) carbon footprint by putting forward a motion

"that Orange City Council initiates a "Greening Our Streets" program by looking into all options for lighting of all streets in Orange, evaluating and feeding back to Council and the sustainability plan".

Amazingly the Councillors who I believed were green voted against this motion with the excuse being that Green Power is to expensive. Some how they lost site of other options such as solar panels or changing globes. Quite extraordinary I thought.

Orange City Council could have been among the first Councils to light all streets utilising a green initiative therefore reducing our ecological footprint and sending a strong message to our community that Council is serious in leading the way to ecological sustainability.
I will continue my pursuit in finding a means to reduce Orange City Councils Carbon Footprint. I believe it is a joint effort between businesses, organisations and individuals and that we should be an advocate working towards sustaining a greener environment for our children's future.

"Everyone deserve the chance to live a healthy lifestyle in a conducive environment!" it's up to us as Councillors to initiate change and lead by example.

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